The website is now live and the Prologue has been released

Today, I am launching this little website to the public. It has been worked on for a few days, and it is now ready. I am also matching it with the release of the Non Casual Encounter: Prologue.

So yes, the Prologue is currently on sale. You can already purchase it.

Until now, I had been taking some pre-orders through my SEGASaturno message board, aiming to give priority to several friends and people who supported this indie video game project for a long time.

You can buy it through this website, until further notice. This website also features updated information about the Prologue and also the final game, which will be released in 2022.

Thank you and keep in mind that this digifile edition is limited to 100 units. Make sure you buy it before it runs out!

Digifile limited edition