Non Casual Encounter / Encuentro no casual - A little visual novel for the SEGA Dreamcast.

This is an adventure with beautiful 2D graphics that takes place in Japan, and we are sure it will surprise you. It’s an indie game, but technically this game is almost on par with many titles that were brought by established video game companies during the commercial lifespan of the Dreamcast console (or that’s what we have been told by everyone who already tried it 😃).

Far from sticking with all those well-worn and somewhat hackneyed plot clichés of this particular genre, Non Casual Encounter will immerse you in an interesting story that will not leave you indifferent.

Non casual encounter - Encuentro no casual


  • High quality anime style graphics
  • Featuring gameplay elements of traditional adventure games, not limited to basic visual novel gameplay
  • Intriguing script to keep you permanently engaged (or at at least you should be!)
  • Includes some minigames and even a full unlockable little game
  • Full accompanying soundtrack in CD quality that perfectly blends with the plot development
  • Language is set according to your console setup: English and Spanish are available
  • Highly recommended to replay the game in order to understand all plot details and explore alternative branch ways
  • We hope this game serves as proof that you can always achieve remarkable results in game making, even with small budget and few resources
  • Programmed with a custom version of the BennuGD game development suite to optimize performance
  • Endorsed by the long-standing experience of the SEGASaturno website, serving the gaming community for 17 years
Non Casual Encounter has an estimated release date during the year 2022. But the Prologue is available.