Fran Sebastián, also known as Franikku, is in charge of the musical section of Non Casual Encounter.

Very devoted to Sega and a diehard fan of Sonic, my buddy Fran has already helped on the enhanced version of Dreamcastnoid, that little game I created for the DCJAM 2016 event.

He has also worked on other projects by contributing with his musical talent, such as Super Woden GP.

Here you have some samples of his work:

Hidden Jungle ♪ [Música original Franikku Works]

Elektronikoak -Dreamcastnoid Edit- (Dreamcastnoid OST) - Franikku Works

Death Chamber - Franikku Works

Fran is not only talented to work with music. He is also an artist with good skills in drawing, animating and so on. But we'll talk about that another day.

You can check his website and his Youtube channel.